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Profil Founder ,CEO Jhontax

Profil Founder ,CEO Jhontax

Profil Founder ,CEO jhontax

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Mr. Sabar Lumban Tobing is the 5th child of 6th siblings. He was born in Tapanuli, North Sumatra on 24th April 1982. His Dad passed away while he was in 4th grade primary school. He was unable to continue his study to University due to limitations cost in his family. Actually, he has been accepted at two well-known Universities abroad through the achievement path. However, it didn’t stop him to continue his study in University. He migrated to Jakarta and worked as a factory worker Until he got enough of money and continued his study at the University while he was still continue his work at the factory.

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Hive Five was found in 2019 and was committed to help the government foster tax compliance from an early age for the business world. This commi tment is presented through a one-stop solution for all the needs of business entities and UMKM, ranging from legality management, digitalbased business optimization, to physical and virtual office rentals.


Hive Five has helped establish 15,218 PT, CV, firms, foundations and cooperatives. As many as 239 companies ent rust the management of their financial and tax reports to Hive Five. The total turnover of the company managed by Hive Five during 2021 reached Rp. 516,736,689,460.54.

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